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Who We Are

Bonsaii was created with one goal in mind - to help traders grow.

When we first started, we were strictly a mentoring company helping as many traders as we could preserve their capital.

Soon we started to build our own trading indicators that became profitable for us. At this point we knew we had something to share with the world! When we started to package our different systems to sell, we realized that we were making the same thing every other indicator business has, a black box signal system with no real learning value for the customer.


So, we took a step back and created the "Bonsaii way" to help traders learn how to trade.The system is designed to help you go from knowing nothing at all to become a real trader. With beginner friendly indicators, a helpful community and even 1:1 coaching. We will teach you how to identify the market conditions in which different indicators work.

Our number one focus is to provide value to our customers, so we decided to create a discord server to give every one of our customers direct access to talk with us and not only get help with our indicators, but also help with their trading.

While our $50 price tag doesn't come close to the value we plan to give every single one of our subscribers, we were tired of how much other places charged for the little value they provided.

We are so confident you will see the value we bring to your trading, that we know you will take advantage of all of our products in the future. 

Sincerely The Bonsaii Trading team!

What we offer


We offer multiple ways to turn advanced trading signals into easy to understand trading signals to help you trade faster and with more confidence. One of those ways is our very own "chart translator" the Multi-Indicator Confluence Signals. We also provide a community of experienced traders to help you along the way.


We have been in your shoes and have spent thousands of dollars on different things. Payed indicators, signal services, mentorships, online courses etc. We decided early on that knowledge is not meant to cost that much, which is why we have designed our packages to not only be insanely affordable but also packed with as much value as possible for our low rates.

Real people & real help

We have helped many traders along our own personal trading journeys.

In an industry filled with "gurus" and scammers we want to provide real honest help to people who wants to learn how to trade. That´s why we designed the "Bonsaii way" system, built to actually help you develop as a trader and not to make you only rely on our indicators as a crutch.

While other systems offer you indicators with no personal help, we are here every day in person, for you. We will make sure you know how to use our indicators and truly understand the core concepts of how to become a good trader.

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