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  • How do I get in contact with the Bonsaii Trading creators?
    You can mail us on!
  • What is the difference between your members and VIP discord access?
    VIP discord access "Help-with-trades" channel - Our VIP members can send us screenshots of their trades and traders will provide live feedback! Bonsaii Trading creator access - The creators of Bonsaii Trading are active in the VIP channel and you have the opportunity to chat with them live! Exclusive previews - Our VIP members have exclusive first hand access to new up and coming products that we are releasing and those who wish can also participate in our beta releases. Discount prices for all our products - We will regularly provide discount prices for our products through campaigns etc. Our VIP members will be the first to get informed! + All the channels for our members access! Members discord access Feedback channel - We are always eager to improve! Hit us up on our channel and we will reply asap! Ability to contribute channel - Help us help you! We have a simple form you can fill in and who knows? Your ideas might become reality? Suggestions and improvements channel - Perhaps you have suggestion on how we can improve the discord channel or any other aspect? Hit us up!
  • Do you offer any simpler tools than the tradingview indicators?
    We are creating a signal service for people who are interested. A signal service is a simple notification on your phone which shows when our BOT buys and when it sells different commodities. For more information you can sign up to our upcoming signal service by adding your email to our waitlist! We are not financial advisors. The information on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. You should always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. We do NOT recommend you follow these bot signals blindly but make up your own mind and take your own decisions.
  • How do I add your free indicators and find them in tradingview?
    Go to tradingview and sign up for a free account. (Affiliate link) Once you have created your tradingview account you can find our free indicators - here. Click the "flag" icon to save the indicators to your "favorites". 4. To find and add the indicators on tradingview you must first search a commodity in the search field. 5. I searched for Apple stock as you can see. Now you can click on the below settings and click on the name of the indicators to add them to your chart.
  • What is the difference between the LITE and COMPLETE versions?
    Our LITE versions are non adjustable indicators with premade settings. We have created them for free so you can add them to your chart and see how they feel, free of charge. Forever! Our COMPLETE versions have adjustable settings. This means you can tweak all of the settings on the indicators to your own liking. The screenshots below are just some of the settings you can change!
  • What does the Multi-Indicator Confluence Signals (MICS) do and how does it work?
    We have created a detailed description in tradingview on how "MICS" work. Click on the following link to read more - Multi-Indicator Confluence Signals. TLDR version: Unclutter your screen by going from this image To this! (Only long signals displayed in the picture)
  • What does the Moving Average Zone Indicator (MAZI) do and how does it work?
    We have created a detailed description in tradingview on how "MAZI" work. Click on the following link to read more - Moving Average Zone Indicator. TL;DR MAZI calculates key high and low points in the market. The indicator tracks only the key candles that provide good information about price movement, which distinguishes it from other moving average indicators that record a new data point with every bar that prints. We have also included our very own unique addition called: Standard Deviation Zones All this makes it much easier for your eyes to see where key points are so you can take an informed decision.
  • How do I unsubscribe from my monthly billing?
    There are two ways you can unsubscribe. If you logged in with paypal when you bought our subscription you can follow this guide - Canceling a paypal subscription If you payed with a card you need to contact us directly and we will cancel the subscription for you. E-mail - Discord channel - Our chat on our website.
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